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Ohoni Bundle

Ohoni Bundle

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Pre-Order for Delivery 11th May 2024

Celebrate Mother's Day with our thoughtfully curated bundle, designed to show your love and appreciation in every thoughtful detail. Our special Mother's Day Bundle is perfect for surprising your beloved mothers on the picturesque island of Rotuma, ensuring they feel cherished and cared for. Inside this carefully assembled package, you'll find a selection of essentials and treats that will delight and nourish her spirit. Start with the hearty goodness of canned tuna and corned beef, paired with wholesome rice to create comforting and satisfying meals.

For breakfast, indulge in the crisp and wholesome taste of Weet-Bix, a favorite to kick-start her day with energy and vitality. But that's not all - we've included essentials for her personal care routine too. Treat her to the luxurious freshness of Dove Women's Spray, coupled with the gentle yet effective cleansing of Protex soap, ensuring she feels pampered and rejuvenated every day.

And for her crowning glory, our bundle features Pantene shampoo, providing her locks with the care and nourishment they deserve. Finally, what's a celebration without something sweet? We've included a Betty Crocker cake mix, allowing her to whip up a delicious treat effortlessly and indulge in a moment of sweetness. Each item in our bundle is carefully chosen to cater to her needs and desires, reflecting the love and thoughtfulness behind every selection. With our Mother's Day Bundle, you can make her day truly special, delivering a bundle of joy straight to her doorstep on the beautiful island of Rotuma on the 11th of May (Saturday)

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